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We’re happy to fix your bike and get you back on the road. Whether it’s a road bike,

mountain bike or anything in between our experienced mechanics will get your bike

fixed up and ready for your next adventure. We are a full service bicycle shop,

So if you need something repaired, tuned or installed we can get the job done

right and on time. Below you will find a few of our services we offer. 

Call for more information on services not listed below.

Tel: 01452 381699



Basic Service Tune-up £30.00

  • Derailleurs adjusted
  • Brakes adjusted
  • Wheels trued (addition fee)
  • Chain lubed
  • Full Safety inspection


Intermediate Service £55.00

Includes all of the above and also includes Drivetrain removed

cleaned and checked for wear and lubricated

Plus parts

( If more than 3 parts are needed an extra labour fee will be added )


Full service £100.00


Full strip down

headset service


New bike out of the box build £50.00


Full Saftey Check

Gear setup

Pedal Fitting


Hydraulic brake bleed

£20 per Brake


Tube / Tyre Fitting

Other Services

  • Bike Boxes £1 PER BOX
  • Hub overhaul
  • Bar wrap
  • Part install







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